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🌹 HATHOR Healing

🌹 HATHOR Healing


🌹 The Hatorian treatment: The matrix waters of HATHOR

Duration :  1h30 to 2h

Guidance with the Egyptian Oracle

Infusion of Egyptian plants

Sacred anointings


I present to you the care of the goddess  Hathor, Ritual and Sacred Anointings

Go to the Matrix Waters of Hathor

Our deep waters, the first matrix to release a singular rise through techniques of breathing meditations visualizations and the sound of a crystal bowl and other instruments

Activation through rebirth release rituals, possibilities to release old past lives

With the energy of the goddess Hathor we are invited to go back in time, to do deep work, to open a door that allows us to sublimate by the light of old patterns and painful or difficult experiences.

Each being is unique and therefore each treatment will be a personalized journey for each one.

Everything will be done in guidance

Uses of sacred anointings precious and delicate essential oils to sublimate the beauty of the goddess Hathor who sleeps in you


Who is this treatment for?

For all people who have experienced a difficult birth, for various reasons of their own, and who may feel suffering or blockages related to this and wish to free themselves from it.

For all those who are attracted by the mysteries of conception and birth and who wish to receive their messages and visions, in order to better know their souls.


I only offer 3 treatments per month
Treatment that is only done face-to-face in Port ariane

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