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🏺 Sacred Oction Mary Magdalene

🏺 Sacred Oction Mary Magdalene


🌹 The anointings open the doors of the "Sacred Heart" with the energies of Mary Magdalene and Yeshua Sananda.

Under the energetic imprint of Mary Magdalene and Isis, archetypes of the Sacred Feminine

These oils are prepared and blessed by ATON, connecting to our Feminine and Masculine polarity, to the original spark heart that creates life in all things.

It allows a subtle "Heart - Sacred" connection, a harmonization during treatments, massages or meditation work.

It can also be used to increase your vibrations in view of the high frequencies of Christic energy it contains.



- Nigella oil (oil of the pharaohs): Queen Nefertiti used nigella oil for her complexion described as exquisite

- Myrrh

- Ste Roseline Rose

- Ylang ylang.

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