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🌹 ISIS Healing

🌹 ISIS Healing


🌹 ISIS care - Massage - sacred anointing - Ritual

Duration :  1h30 to 2h

“After a long journey to connect and unite myself heart and soul, to the Goddess Isis. I practiced (in channeling) rituals, initiations, and I received the necessary information from the Goddess Isis in order to prepare my cup to receive The Fire of Life.

Finally my cup filled with this powerful symbol, my integration finished and with the support and love of Isis, I offer you this initiation in order to reveal the Isis who lives in you, and to bring healing through the Sacred Fire of Life. . »

With all my love,


Open the door of the temple of Isis by the massage of the goddess

Sacred anointings are offered to you for the ceremony.

I offer you rituals during the massage to  accompany you to his release guided by the fire of life of ISIS


Symbols include

the sacred healing fire of life, the sacred place Cheops pyramid, the eye of Horus the sacred protection and the sacred male god Anubis

This initiation and ritualization reveals the Goddess Isis who lives in you, complete, powerful and free Woman.

A sovereign and accomplished woman 


I only offer 3 treatments per month
Treatment that is only done face-to-face in Port ariane

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