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🌹 Initiation to Mother MARIE treatment

🌹 Initiation to Mother MARIE treatment


🌹 Individual treatment Initiation to Mother Mary

Duration :  1h30 to 2h

This initiation intends to give us precious keys to know how to integrate the energy of the Divine Mother in a spiritual and material way IN THIS LIFE. 


During the treatment we will work on sacred motherhood, with the energy of the Divine Mother,

This treatment offers you to heal your memories of a wounded mother (or relationship with your mother).

Mother Marie reactivates codes in order to be reborn in this body with Christic energy

  • Activation and connection to the 12 stars of Mary

The care is done in Channeling with the energies of Mother Mary Vibrating on earth with the divine Christic genome

In the new world the divine mother is honored as a goddess is blessed by the grace of Mary

Water blessing during treatment

Singing accompanied by crystal sound

Ritual of the Temple of the Blue Rose of MARY


I only offer 3 treatments per month
Treatment that is only done face-to-face in Port ariane

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